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Drone Inspection
 A Bergen, Norway based company operating in the Specific Category.



Using Thermal cameras we can expose failures in many different scenarios. Energy insulation in buildings, cracks in exhausts, electrical cabinets etc. 


We perform visual inspections on and offshore. We use a variety of drones, some with up to 200x Zoom which lets us inpect at a safe distance and some are so small that we can fly it through pipes.


Using our ROV´s we can visually inspect thrusters, structures and elements below the surface in full 4K. We also have payloads like arms that can operate tasks under water. 



Osprey AS is based on the west coast of Norway, Bergen. We have a vast variety of drones specific to each task. Ranging from our small FPV drones inspecting confined spaces to bigger drones which can handle heavy payloads. We are certified in the specific category and are ready to meet your needs and inquiries.




Phone: +47 48 21 22 23

Bergen, Norway

For inquiries, questions or quotes, please feel free to contact us via email, call us or fill out the form below. 

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