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Visual Inspection

We use drones for visual inspections which provides significant efficiency and also has great HSE benefits, putting operators and clients at a safe distance.

Why do we use drones for visual inspection? 


- Drones are time efficient and can inspect large areas onshore and offshore, covering more ground than traditional methods.


- Easy access to areas that are difficult to reach or dangerous for humans.


- Client may inspect "first hand" on our external monitors or we can capture the footage to be inspected after the flight has been completed.


- Osprey AS is certified in the Specific category.

- Variety of drones that can give us different information for different cases. Confined spaces, and also drones with heavier zoom lenses for gathering information from a safe distance. 

- We are able to visually inspect and log windmill farms and annually inspect the blades for wear and tear and keep track of the degrading. 

-Preplanned flight routes let us efficiently and environmentally friendly inspect Powerlines for wear, tear and interacting vegetation. 



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